Kinship Chart Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking about kinship and how we think of it in our society.Here is the assignment.This will be collected.



You need to create kinship chart.You may be familiar with what we commonly think of as a family tree in western society.I donít want it to be like that.Traditional family trees have no way of showing the relative importance of the people on them.For example, I am closer to my motherís family than my fatherís and I am closer to some cousins rather than others.Your chart must depict those relationships. Read the requirements below and follow them carefully:


        Create the chart using a variety of symbols.You need symbols for mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.You need a way to show gender.You need a way to show which groups you are closer to.

        You need ways to show the connections.You need a different way to show how people are related.For example, how do you show who has which children?†† You need to show if people are married.You need show if people are divorced.You need to show if people have died.Make sure that this is well organized.

        Be creative with your symbols.For example, if you have an uncle that you donít see often or donít like, maybe he should be a different symbol from the uncles that you do see.Find a way to show who is most important to you.Use a mixture of shapes and colors to show relationships.BE CREATIVE.

        Include as many people as you can.It is not required, but if you want to consult with your parents please do.I would say that you should have at the minimum 25 people on your chart.

        Your chart must have a key so that I can understand it.

        PLEASE NOTE:I am aware that not everyone has the same type of family.You will not be sharing these with anyone but me if you donít want to.It may be hard to think about people who have died or you no longer see.If you have a concern about this assignment please let me know.Also, this is not just for blood relatives.If you are adopted or if there are people in your life that are more like family than your family, include them.

        Have fun and be creative.Sloppy work that shows no thought or care will be graded accordingly.Grading will be based on the degree to which you meet the above requirements.Take time with this and do a good job!


Use the paper and supplies provided.