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Welcome to the web page of Dr. Karen Hoppes.

Here you will find all the materials for my High School Classes: AP US History, AP History: Issues and Research and America and the Contemporary World

You will also find materials for my college courses.

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Why study history?

"History, by putting crisis in perspective, supplies the antidote to every generation's illusion that its own problems are uniquely oppressive." Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

“We study history so that we can understand our own place in the world. We study history so that we can understand the world around us. We study history so that we can deal with this world as wise men and women and not mere pawns of those who do understand the world. We study history so that we will interact with the world as full human beings instead of as animals who merely react or as vegetables who merely are acted upon.

The study of history, and all of the social sciences, and philosophy are essential if we are to be a part of society, a citizen of the nation and of the world, a full human being.

We study history so that we will be wise and not foolish, so that we will be knowledgeable and not ignorant. We study history so that we can fully understand what it means to be human regardless of time or place.

We study “this stuff” because we are human beings and “this stuff” is our story. This is where we determine what we are. The “stuff” that we use to make money (physics, math, biology, law, medicine) are all important but physics, math, biology, law, medicine and money do not define us. History defines us. Why do we have to study history? Because we are human beings – that’s why.”

About me:

I have completed four academic degrees: BA (Oregon College of Education), MAT (Western Oregon State College), M.Ph. (CUNY) and a Ph.D (CUNY). My dissertation was entitled: "The Silvershirt Legion of America: A Study of the Legion in Washington State, 1924-1941." I worked under the guidence of Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

I started teaching social studies in 1976. Since 1989, I have taught for the Lake Oswego School District, at Lakeridge High School. I have also taught U.S. History, Economics and Applied Economics at Putnam High School in North Clackamas School District, 7th and 8th grade Social Studies, English and Political Studies at Brown Junior High in Hillsboro and AP US History at Glencoe High School in Hillsboro.

In the evenings, or during the Summer, I also teach at Washington State University in Vancouver (HST 480/580 -- Methods for Teaching Social Studies; HST 468/568 – Hitler and Nazi Germany); Portland State University (Challenge Program, Instructor; HST 497 – Film and History: Hitler and Nazi Germany; Hst 597 - Film and History: Post War Germany and the Nazi Past; HST 335 -- US in the Twentieth Century, 1890-1932; HST 336 -- US in the Twentieth Century, 1932-1990; HST 201, 202 -- History of the United States); and Lewis and Clark College (SS 516 – Twentieth Century US History: Readings and Curriculum; SS 514 -- Survey of 19th Century U.S. History; HST 580 -- The Holocaust; and ED 520 -- Curriculum Development for Holocaust Education)

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